Prevention of inflammation of the middle ear

Another risk is the same as in most diseases, the reduction of defense capabilities, then, allergies, bruises, sprains of blood in violation of the tympanic membrane, the increase of lymphoid…Otitis media is also the most frequent concern of patients with defects. For this disease, except that they are first informed there is inflammation, it will probably occur more frequently in the patient in the future. The occurrence of the disease is also associated with annual and sometimes play into the hands of him of winter, large temperature swings.. and the Risk increases the child’s stay in collective institutions (kindergarten..). For disease prevention it is recommended that prolonged breast-feeding, milk, in the case of rhinitis the detailed (in young children extract effective), nose, or applications sprays, in humans, the increase of the nose, of the tonsils that causes recurrent inflammations of the middle ear, the doctor may recommend its removal.

Symptoms and symptoms of middle ear inflammation

Acute otitis media. Acute otitis media usually during a patient’s illness, upper respiratory tract infection (viral, common cold, flu,..), often at night (in the supine position, promotes the transition of infection Eustachovou tube in the middle ear). For symptoms characterized by rapid and sudden emergence (ear pain, ear discharge, high fever, vomiting, diarrhea..). Inflammation, usually in bilateral terms, but also the degree of inflammation may, in some ears vary (it often happens that one night attends a patient in the emergency Department with one ear, and the next night the other). Patients describe the feeling ear, then throbbing pain in the ear. Small children exhibit serious screaming and lying on the ear. The pain is increasing. Sometimes a ruptured eardrum before visiting the doctor, or the ear without a doctor. Perforation of the tympanic membrane is almost instantaneous relief from pain. The chronic form of inflammation of the middle ear. Chronic differ from acute what temperatures and high temperatures, usually painful.. Appears tan or itching in the ear, patients experience ear, cracks, and pressure in the ear, the sound amplified perception of your own voice.. patients with chronic form of inflammation of the middle ear, usually, often erroneously called inconsiderate, rude.. but it’s because of their hearing loss, chronic inflammation is the cause. There may be different kinds found.

Treatment of inflammation of the middle ear

Treatment is primarily aimed at relief of pain, elimination of inflammation and to prevent re-inflammation. Re-inflammation in this disease very often, disorders of the mucous membrane of the middle ear is more prone to further inflammation, which can have the same reason, difficult movement with several complications. In the worst cases, after yourself can or complex inflammation can leave permanent consequences in children leads to a deterioration of the overall development. So you should take this disease seriously and take care of his thorough (a common mistake is of antibiotics when symptoms disappear inflammation, antibiotics should be taken a few days after that).
For the pain inflammation of the middle ear is recommended more often used drugs with the active ingredient Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.. (which occur even in forms suitable for children, syrups, suppositories). Reduces inflammation propichnutim membrane. This procedure is unpleasant, but not feel immediate relief from pain. The doctor odsaje selection ear, and if septic is bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed. You should then maintain the ear canal clean (a few days can flow selection, which are necessary for and odplavovat) – recommended procedure nakapat in ear borovou water, after some time, can be combined with disabilities the ear clean handkerchief and put it to the water is not even a secret spilled.

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