Inflammation of the middle ear

Symptoms of inflammation of the middle ear: pain in the ear/ears, tingling in the ear, discharge from the ear, increased body temperature, hearing, fever, tinnitus, headache, vomiting. Description inflammation of the middle ear. Inflammation of the middle ear is one of the most common diseases of childhood. Is manifested by pain in the ear, temperature to temperature, and generally leads to visits (because most often at night and move very fast).

To understand the development of inflammation

of the middle ear and the reasons why its level is much higher in children than in adults, it is advisable to get acquainted with the anatomy of the ear.Otitis media (boltec) continues into the “hole”, which is called the external ear canal. The external auditory canal. adjacent to the eardrum – the-counter, formed by the membrane. Behind him comes another space of the middle ear, in which we are system (1– kovadlinka – puts pressure on the eardrum and 2. is – hammer hammer calls in 3. worth – třmínek – and this causes the beginning of the inner ear – the oval window). Oval option (also blanita bulkhead) separates the middle ear from the inner ear – it is to signal nerve cells and transmit those impulses to the brain. From the region of the middle ear (for bubinkem) also leads Eustachova the tube which is the tube that connects středoušní the abdominal cavity with nosohltanem (rear seats of the nose, above the back of the neck). A special feature of this tube is very important because it equalizes the pressure between dutinou and nosohltanem (yawn or maneuver is a tedious attempts to exhale with a closed mouth and through the nose for ear causes opening it Eustachovy tube), and take any unwanted fluid from the middle ear (because for proper sound transmission kůstkami from the eardrum to the inner ear, need to get around– so in the middle ear – was air and not fluid).

Otitis media is usually accompanied

by infection of the upper respiratory tract (runny nose..). Happens to the spread of this disease in all Eustachovu pipe in cavity. Children often arises from the fact that their tubes are short, with more passing and less in the nose direction is the path of infection in the direction only slightly upward (about 10°), while in adults it is necessary to overcome a significant angle (45°). Eustachova tube also contributes to the inflammation of the middle ear that if (for example, under the influence of enlarged tonsils, which was maintained), the middle ear is not just it creates a vacuum, and the accumulation of the fluid in which slightly work bacterial infection. In principle, there for 2 types of acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Risk factors middle ear infections. The main risk factor (or rather, cause) of the disease otitis media, infections of the upper respiratory tract, especially in terms of evacuation of mucus from the nose. A greater risk for the disease otitidou is also a children’s age (the increased risk stems from anatomical differences Eustachovy tube adult and child – see above).

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